This beta course is specially made for all who want to improve on an individual level. You will improve your technical skills, but also your knowledge about skiing powder.

  • Individual coaching and adjustments

  • You will also understand how to behave and what risks you are facing when skiing off-piste.

  • Technical improvements for skiing off-piste

  • Get access to an amazing community and enjoy lots of goodies, discounts and more..

Beta Price

Get the chance to learn skiing powder on this course. Due to the beta version I offer a special deal and you the opportunity to build the course with me on your needs. INDIVIDUAL COACHING! Original price starts from € 3.150,00.-

Course curriculum


  • Is it possible to work on the course individually?

    Yes indeed, thats the main goal of the course.

  • Do I need to bring my personal equipment?

    I can help you to find the right equipment, but in general I don't provide any equipment and every student is responsible for its own equipment.

  • Does the course include and insurances?

    Unfortunately, there is no insurance included. I also don't take any responsibility towards anything. You are taking the risk to join the course. Although I never had any issues before.

  • Do I get my money back?

    I spent many hours creating that course, and there is no option to get the money back. Thus if you really don't like it within 24 hours, you are able cancel the course.